FUNCTIONAL NUTRITION Whey 100 protein powder 850g

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Functional Nutrition Whey 100 protein powder is a Danish-developed whey protein of high quality. Whey protein is extracted from milk and is rich in protein and has a natural content of carbohydrates. We have added sweetener and failed to add sugar (without added sugar).

We want to give you a promise: We promise no more than we can keep. You can have high expectations for what is on the ingredient list, because we get all our products tested by external food consultants. It is your assurance that you are getting the product you are buying.

Each serving (35 grams) contains 26.5 grams of protein. Then we are well on our way.

In Whey 100 protein powder we have used whey protein concentrate from fresh cow’s milk. The whey we have chosen is of course Danish-made, so we make sure that the quality lives up to our standards.

Whey protein has a high content of essential amino acids and a complete amino acid profile. Therefore, it is also a popular choice when choosing between the different protein types.

Protein helps to increase and maintain muscle mass as well as normal bones.


Whey protein concentrate (milk) , flavor, consistency (carboxymethylcellulose) dye (beetroot), sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame potassium).


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